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535 국제 A study about weight grant of Authentication level in USN environment
534 국제 A Study for Security and Efficient Broadcasting of Sensor Network
533 국제 A Study on Agent-based Integrated Security Management System for Managing Heterogeneous Firewall Systems (SCIE)
532 국제 A Study on Cooperation between Kerberos system and Credit-Control Server
531 국제 A Study on decrase of transaction overheads in DNSSEC using PreProcessor
530 국제 A study on Internet Risk Analysis using Combined Risk Analysis approach
529 국제 A Study on Mobile IPv4 Authentication Mechanisms
528 국제 A Study on Survivability of Mobile Network Nodes in the Network Mobility
527 국제 A study on the simplified cost-benefit analysis to select safeguards against risks in the risk management
526 국제 A Study on the System Recovery: Selecting the Number of Surrogate Nodes for Fast Recovery
525 국제 A Traffic Analysis of Authentication Methods for Proxy Mobile IPv6
524 국제 A Transaction Length-Sensitive Protocol Based on Altruistic Locking for Multilevel Secure Database Systems (SCIE)
523 국내 AAA 환경에서 도메인 키 기반의 Mobile IPv4 인증
522 국제 Active Cyber Attack Model for Network System's Vulnerability Assessment
521 국제 Active security management based on Secure Zone Cooperation (SCIE)
520 국내 Active 네트워크 관리 기술 현황과 전망
519 국제 Ad-hoc Protocol Performance Analysis Based on Emergency Medical Data
518 국제 Adaptive Virtual Hierarchy Synthesis for Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Network
517 국제 Advanced Auto Topology Discovery using SNMP
516 국제 Advanced Concentric-Clustering Routing Scheme adapted to Large-Scale Sensor Networks
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