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95 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-im-01
94 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-im-00
93 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-dm-02
92 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-dm-01
91 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-dm-00
90 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-nsf-triggered-steering-04
89 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-nsf-triggered-steering-03
88 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-nsf-triggered-steering-02
87 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-nsf-triggered-steering-01
86 IETF draft-hyun-i2nsf-nsf-triggered-steering-00
85 국내 DPI기술 적용에 따른 사용자 개인정보 문제 해결방안
84 국내 DNSSEC의 Chain of Trust 메카니즘에 대한 분석
83 국내 DNS 서비스 보안 문제점과 대응 기술 현황
82 국제 Distributing Multiple Home Agents in MIPv6 Networks (SCIE)
81 국제 Design of the Central LISP Management System for the Software-Defined Wireless Network (SDWN)
80 국제 Design of Secure Monitor in the Secure Zone Cooperation (SCIE)
79 국제 Design of Network Security Control System for Cooperative Intrusion Detection (SCIE)
78 국제 Design and Simulation of Differentiated Services Router for Improving Queue Utilization and Network Performance
77 국제 Design and Implementation of the Service-Aware Traffic Engineering (SATE) in the LISP Software- DefinedWireless Network (LISP-SDWN)
76 국제 Design and Implementation of Intrusion Detection System based on Object-Oriented Modeling
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