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375 국제 A Study on decrase of transaction overheads in DNSSEC using PreProcessor
374 국제 Policy Based Handoff in MIPv6 Networks (SCIE)
373 국제 New Binding Update Method sing GDMHA in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (SCIE)
372 국제 A Model and Evaluation of Route Optimization in Nested NEMO Environment (SCI)
371 국제 PRISM: A Preventive and Risk-Reducing Integrated Security Management Model Using Security Label (SCIE)
370 국제 An Analysis and Evaluation of Policy-based Network Management Approaches (SCIE)
369 국제 Distributing Multiple Home Agents in MIPv6 Networks (SCIE)
368 국제 Correlation Analysis System using VA data, IDS alerts (SCIE)
367 국제 A Study for Security and Efficient Broadcasting of Sensor Network
366 국제 An Architecture Design of Distributed Internet Worm Detection System for Fast Response
365 국제 A Study on Mobile IPv4 Authentication Mechanisms
364 국제 A study about weight grant of Authentication level in USN environment
363 국제 A Study on Cooperation between Kerberos system and Credit-Control Server
362 국제 Two-Dimensional Qualitative Asset Analysis Method based on Business Process-Oriented Asset Evaluation
361 국제 An Empirical Study of Quality and Cost Based Security Engineering (SCIE)
360 국제 Enhanced SCORM Sequencing Rulefor e-Learning System (SCIE)
359 국제 A Study on Agent-based Integrated Security Management System for Managing Heterogeneous Firewall Systems (SCIE)
358 국제 Qualitative Method-based The Effective Risk Mitigation Method in The Risk Management (SCIE)
357 국제 Comparative Analysis of IPv6 VPN Transition in NEMO Environments (SCIE)
356 국제 An Analysis of Policy Provisioning Complexity in Accordance with the Application Attributes of the Policy-Based Network (SCIE)
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