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124 국제 국가 주요정보기반시설 보안관리를 위한 효율적인 위험분석 모델
123 국제 u-MoDEM_ubiquitous Mobile Device Environment Manager based on OMA-DM
122 국제 The Vulnerability Assessment for Active Networks-Model, Policy, Procedures, and Performance Evaluations (SCIE)
121 국제 The IPv6 VPN Scenario Under The Mobile Network Environment
120 국제 The Firewall Selection Algorithm for Integrated Security Management
119 국제 The effective group key agreement protocol for ad-hoc networks for medical emergency environments
118 국제 The Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detection and Prevention Tool for Windows Executables Using Binary Rewriting
117 국제 The Design of XML-based Internet Security Integrated System Architecture (SCIE)
116 국제 The Concentric-Cluster Routing Scheme adapted to Large-Scale Sensor Networks
115 국제 The Concentric Clustering for Efficient Energy Consumption in PEGASIS
114 국제 SVAM: the Scalable Vulnerability Analysis Model based on Active Networks (SCIE)
113 국제 Study on the Policy Management in PB-ISMS
112 국제 Specifying Policies for Service Negotiation of Response Time (SCIE)
111 국제 SNMP-based Integrated Wire/wireless Device Management System
110 국제 Shall we apply paging technologies to Proxy Mobile IPv6?
109 국제 Session Key Forwarding Scheme based on AAA Architecture in Wireless Networks (SCIE)
108 국제 Service Negotiation Model for Response Time in Distributed networks
107 국제 Security Management by Zone Cooperation in Active Network Environment
106 국제 Security Analysis of Extensible Authentication Protocol Methods based on AAA Architecture
105 국제 Secure Communication Scheme Applying MX Resource Record in DNSSEC Domain (SCIE)
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