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44 국제 Hybrid PMIPv6 Indication Mechanism for Interaction between MIPv6 and PMIPv6
43 국제 Improved Error Detection Method for Real-time Video Communication using Fragile Watermarking (SCIE)
42 국제 Interval Weighted Load Balancing Method for Multiple Application Gateway Firewalls (SCIE)
41 국제 Janus: Management for Ubiquitous Networked Systems
40 국제 Local Authentication Scheme based on AAA in Mobile IPv6 Networks
39 국제 Minimal Public-Key Based Authentication Mechanism in Mobile IPv6 Networks
38 국제 Mobile Agent-Based Misuse Intrusion Detection Rule Propagation Model For Distributed System (SCIE)
37 국제 Mobile IP Using Private IP Address through Stateful Network Address Translation
36 국제 Modeling Active Cyber Attack for Network Vulnerability Assessment (SCIE)
35 국제 MonST: Network Mobility Management based on State Table of Mobile Nodes
34 국제 Moving AAAH Architecture for Mobile IPv6
33 국제 N-dimensional Grid-based Key Predistribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
32 국제 New Binding Update Method sing GDMHA in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (SCIE)
31 국제 Performance Evaluation of Dual Authentication Scheme in Mobile IPv6 Networks
30 국제 Performance Evaluation of Public Key based Mechanisms for Mobile IPv4 Authentication in the AAA Environments (SCIE)
29 국제 pFlours_A New Packet and Flow Gathering Tool
28 국제 PKG-MIB: Private-mib for Package-based Linux Systems in a Large Scale Management Domain
27 국제 Policy Based Handoff in MIPv6 Networks (SCIE)
26 국제 Policy Conflict Probing for Integrated Security Management
25 국제 Preventing out-of-sequence packets on the route optimization procedure in Proxy Mobile IPv6
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