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104 국제 CHEF: Cluster Head Election mechanism using Fuzzy logic in Wireless Sensor Networks
103 국제 Active Cyber Attack Model for Network System's Vulnerability Assessment
102 국제 An Optimal Access Points Allocation Scheme based on Genetic Algorithm
101 국제 The Concentric-Cluster Routing Scheme adapted to Large-Scale Sensor Networks
100 국제 Adaptive Virtual Hierarchy Synthesis for Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Network
99 국제 A Multicast Applied Task-Role Based Access Control for Medical Emergency Environments
98 국제 Architecture of Context-Aware Integrated Security Management Systems for Smart Home Environment
97 국제 Energy-Efficient Distance based Clustering Routing Scheme for Long-term Lifetime of Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks
96 국제 A Novel Inter-LMD Handoff mechanism for Network-based Localized Mobility Management
95 국제 Design and Implementation of Context-aware Security Management System for Ubiquitous Computing Environment
94 국제 An Adaptive Inter-Mobility Supports Scheme for NetLMM
93 국제 A Scheme to reduce the handoff latency using mSCTP in Fast Mobile IPv6
92 국제 Energy-Efficient Distance based Clustering Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
91 국제 N-dimensional Grid-based Key Predistribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
90 국제 Context-Aware Security Management System for Pervasive Computing Environment
89 국제 PKG-MIB: Private-mib for Package-based Linux Systems in a Large Scale Management Domain
88 국제 Risk Assessment Method based on Business Process-Oriented Asset Evaluation for Information System Security
87 국제 An Enhanced Leach Protocol for Long-term Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
86 국제 An Energy-Efficient Dynamic Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
85 국제 Moving AAAH Architecture for Mobile IPv6
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