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24 국제 A Study on Survivability of Mobile Network Nodes in the Network Mobility
23 국제 A Study on Mobile IPv4 Authentication Mechanisms
22 국제 A study on Internet Risk Analysis using Combined Risk Analysis approach
21 국제 A Study on decrase of transaction overheads in DNSSEC using PreProcessor
20 국제 A Study on Cooperation between Kerberos system and Credit-Control Server
19 국제 A Study on Agent-based Integrated Security Management System for Managing Heterogeneous Firewall Systems (SCIE)
18 국제 A Study for Security and Efficient Broadcasting of Sensor Network
17 국제 A study about weight grant of Authentication level in USN environment
16 국제 A Scheme to reduce the handoff latency using mSCTP in Fast Mobile IPv6
15 국제 A policy Propagation Model Using Mobile Agents in Large_scale Distributed network Environments (SCIE)
14 국제 A Novel Inter-LMD Handoff mechanism for Network-based Localized Mobility Management
13 국제 A New Architecture of Active Nodee for Network Management
12 국제 A Multicast Applied Task-Role Based Access Control for Medical Emergency Environments
11 국제 A Model and Evaluation of Route Optimization in Nested NEMO Environment (SCI)
10 국제 A Model and Evaluation of Pinball Routing Solution Approaches in Nested NEMO Environment
9 국제 A Misused Key Detection Mechanism for Hierarchical Routings in Wireless Sensor Network
8 국제 A Fine-grained Taxonomy of Security Vulnerability in Active Network Environments (SCIE)
7 국제 A Design of Scalable SNMP Agent for Managing Heterogeneous Security Systems
6 국제 A Design of Preventive Integrated Security Management System using Security Labels and a Brief Comparison with Existing Models (SCIE)
5 국제 A Design of IPsec-based VPN Management System
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