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64 국제 Distributing Multiple Home Agents in MIPv6 Networks (SCIE)
63 국제 Design of the Central LISP Management System for the Software-Defined Wireless Network (SDWN)
62 국제 Design of Secure Monitor in the Secure Zone Cooperation (SCIE)
61 국제 Design of Network Security Control System for Cooperative Intrusion Detection (SCIE)
60 국제 Design and Simulation of Differentiated Services Router for Improving Queue Utilization and Network Performance
59 국제 Design and Implementation of the Service-Aware Traffic Engineering (SATE) in the LISP Software- DefinedWireless Network (LISP-SDWN)
58 국제 Design and Implementation of Intrusion Detection System based on Object-Oriented Modeling
57 국제 Design and Implementation of Context-aware Security Management System for Ubiquitous Computing Environment
56 국제 Correlation Analysis System using VA data, IDS alerts (SCIE)
55 국제 Context-Role Based Access Control for Intelligent Space (SCIE)
54 국제 Context-Role Based Access Control for Context-Aware Application (SCIE)
53 국제 Context-Aware Security Management System for Pervasive Computing Environment
52 국제 Comparative Analysis of IPv6 VPN Transition in NEMO Environments (SCIE)
51 국제 CHEF: Cluster Head Election mechanism using Fuzzy logic in Wireless Sensor Networks
50 국제 Centralized Approach for Managing Heterogeneous Firewalls in Distributed Network Environments
49 국제 CAISMS : A Context-Aware Integrated Security Management System for Smart Home
48 국제 Architecture of Context-Aware Integrated Security Management Systems for Smart Home Environment
47 국제 Architecture for Grid Application Performance Monitoring System(GAPerMS) On The OGSA-based
46 국제 An Optimal Access Points Allocation Scheme based on Genetic Algorithm
45 국제 An Investigation of Distance-based Proxy Mobile Client Selection Schemes for NetLMM
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