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84 국제 Janus: Management for Ubiquitous Networked Systems
83 국제 Interval Weighted Load Balancing Method for Multiple Application Gateway Firewalls (SCIE)
82 국제 Improved Error Detection Method for Real-time Video Communication using Fragile Watermarking (SCIE)
81 국제 Hybrid PMIPv6 Indication Mechanism for Interaction between MIPv6 and PMIPv6
80 국제 Hybrid Mobile Ad hoc Network support for Proxy Mobile IPv6
79 국제 Group Key Locking Scheme in Mobile IPv6 Networks
78 국제 Global Mail Service on Active Network
77 국제 Generalized Security Policies for Enterprise Security Management
76 국제 Fast Recovery Architecture by Selecting Surrogate Master Node (FSMN) in Industrial IoT Environment
75 국제 Experimental QoS test of Medical Data over Wired and Wireless Networks
74 국제 Experimental Performance Evaluation of Mobile IPv6 Handovers over Wireless LAN
73 국제 Event Component for Minimization of Management Data Based on SNMP
72 국제 Enhanced SCORM Sequencing Rulefor e-Learning System (SCIE)
71 국제 Enhanced Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Mobile Computing Environments (SCIE)
70 국제 Energy-Efficient Distance based Clustering Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
69 국제 Energy-Efficient Distance based Clustering Routing Scheme for Long-term Lifetime of Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks
68 국제 Efficient Seamless Transmission at Base Station Failure using CheckPoint Scheme in Wireless ATM Networks (SCIE)
67 국제 Efficient Random Process Generation for Reliable Simulation of Complex Systems (SCIE)
66 국제 Effective Value of Decision Tree with KDD 99 Intrusion Detection Datasets of Intrusion
65 국제 Dual Routing in Mobile IPv6 using PBHR mechanism
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