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44 국제 MonST: Network Mobility Management based on State Table of Mobile Nodes
43 국제 SVAM: the Scalable Vulnerability Analysis Model based on Active Networks (SCIE)
42 국제 Specifying Policies for Service Negotiation of Response Time (SCIE)
41 국제 The Vulnerability Assessment for Active Networks-Model, Policy, Procedures, and Performance Evaluations (SCIE)
40 국제 Secure Communication Scheme Applying MX Resource Record in DNSSEC Domain (SCIE)
39 국제 A Fine-grained Taxonomy of Security Vulnerability in Active Network Environments (SCIE)
38 국제 A Design of Preventive Integrated Security Management System using Security Labels and a Brief Comparison with Existing Models (SCIE)
37 국제 The IPv6 VPN Scenario Under The Mobile Network Environment
36 국제 Mobile IP Using Private IP Address through Stateful Network Address Translation
35 국제 A policy Propagation Model Using Mobile Agents in Large_scale Distributed network Environments (SCIE)
34 국제 Architecture for Grid Application Performance Monitoring System(GAPerMS) On The OGSA-based
33 국제 A Study on Survivability of Mobile Network Nodes in the Network Mobility
32 국제 The Design of XML-based Internet Security Integrated System Architecture (SCIE)
31 국제 Design of Secure Monitor in the Secure Zone Cooperation (SCIE)
30 국제 The Firewall Selection Algorithm for Integrated Security Management
29 국제 국가 주요정보기반시설 보안관리를 위한 효율적인 위험분석 모델
28 국제 Improved Error Detection Method for Real-time Video Communication using Fragile Watermarking (SCIE)
27 국제 Mobile Agent-Based Misuse Intrusion Detection Rule Propagation Model For Distributed System (SCIE)
26 국제 A Design of Grid Network Monitoring System with a Storage Area Network
25 국제 Design and Simulation of Differentiated Services Router for Improving Queue Utilization and Network Performance
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