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84 국제 Group Key Locking Scheme in Mobile IPv6 Networks
83 국제 Ad-hoc Protocol Performance Analysis Based on Emergency Medical Data
82 국제 CAISMS : A Context-Aware Integrated Security Management System for Smart Home
81 국제 The Concentric Clustering for Efficient Energy Consumption in PEGASIS
80 국제 SNMP-based Integrated Wire/wireless Device Management System
79 국제 The Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detection and Prevention Tool for Windows Executables Using Binary Rewriting
78 국제 Local Authentication Scheme based on AAA in Mobile IPv6 Networks
77 국제 Modeling Active Cyber Attack for Network Vulnerability Assessment (SCIE)
76 국제 Session Key Forwarding Scheme based on AAA Architecture in Wireless Networks (SCIE)
75 국제 The effective group key agreement protocol for ad-hoc networks for medical emergency environments
74 국제 Minimal Public-Key Based Authentication Mechanism in Mobile IPv6 Networks
73 국제 Performance Evaluation of Dual Authentication Scheme in Mobile IPv6 Networks
72 국제 Security Analysis of Extensible Authentication Protocol Methods based on AAA Architecture
71 국제 Experimental Performance Evaluation of Mobile IPv6 Handovers over Wireless LAN
70 국제 Context-Role Based Access Control for Context-Aware Application (SCIE)
69 국제 Performance Evaluation of Public Key based Mechanisms for Mobile IPv4 Authentication in the AAA Environments (SCIE)
68 국제 Context-Role Based Access Control for Intelligent Space (SCIE)
67 국제 An Evaluation and Analysis for IP VPN Model in IPv6 Transition Environment (SCIE)
66 국제 An Analysis of Policy Provisioning Complexity in Accordance with the Application Attributes of the Policy-Based Network (SCIE)
65 국제 Comparative Analysis of IPv6 VPN Transition in NEMO Environments (SCIE)
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